The closed curtain brings sadness, fond memories for Casselton, North Dakota community theater participant

Today has been a bit of a letdown.

After four weeks of intense rehearsal schedules and four days of stellar performances for the Rural Cass County Community Theater’s inaugural production, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, today I returned to my normal routine.

I had to do my own make up this morning. No bright colors, no glitter, and since I’ve never quite been able to master the art of eyeliner, there’s none of that either.  It is rather boring.

My clothes are a drab brown and cream.  No electric blue jumpsuits with knee-high go-go boots or Egyptian lady dresses with gold collars and belts.

And no one will stand up and cheer or give me flowers for turning in my story at the end of the day, no matter how good it might be.

The past month has been an insane whirlwind of chaotic scheduling. (I actually had to color-coordinate our family’s rehearsal schedules, work schedules, babysitter schedules, visitor schedules and squirts softball games and practices, print them up, and post them on the refrigerator so I wouldn’t forget anything and everyone in the family would know when we had to be where.) It has been a hectic disarray of commotion as I tried to synchronize bedtimes with rehearsal times, make sure meals were not missed, and remember to do laundry so we would have clean clothes to wear (no easy feat in a house with an 8-month-old who continually spits up on clean shirts and wipes strained pea-covered fingers across freshly laundered pants) and vacuum frequently so said 8-month old would not find a stray sequin or an errant grape to cram into his mouth before I could dash to extract it from his clutches.       

Despite the bedlam, this past month has also been incredibly fun. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning to sing in eight-part harmony while simultaneously trying to keep up with high-school and college students in the dance routines. But the best part has been making new friendships, getting to know the cast and crew, and watching my husband (who played Joseph) and 7-year-old daughter (who was in the children’s chorus) grow as performers.

I know this will be an experience we will all look back on with laughter (like the time the butler’s moustache fell off and when the golden cup broke in two) and fond memories (such as the look my daughter gave my husband when he sang with her at the beginning of the show.)

So, while I’m saddened this year’s show is over, I’m looking forward to next year’s production and all of the adventure that will undoubtedly come with it.

*Photos courtesy Jen Baumgarten.

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6 Responses to The closed curtain brings sadness, fond memories for Casselton, North Dakota community theater participant

  1. Tracy Briggs says:

    I love this show! My niece and nephew were in it at Trollwood a couple of years ago, then my kids did it for our church production in February. Such great music! Sorry I missed your production. I would love to present you with flowers after you turn in your story today! But you’re on your own for hair and makeup!

    • Tracy Frank says:

      Thanks, Tracy! That’s so sweet.

      • Paula Mehmel says:

        I’m glad I opted for a vacation as our way of family withdrawal. Gotta admit that if my sons wore that make up here in south carolina we’d be in a bit of trouble.

        • Tracy Frank says:

          Earlier today I was thinking that it was a good idea you all are taking a vacation after the show.

          Sorry you missed the cast party, though. It was a lot of fun!

  2. Jeremy McIntyre says:

    I had fun spending the 5 nights watching the performances. It felt weird not driving out there tonight. I hope i can get involved in the next production.

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